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There are different ways of quoting your references, and one of the most commonly used methods is the Harvard system. In the Harvard system, you are required to mention the author’s surname and date of publication, along with other commonly mentioned details about the author, title, chapter, edition/volume, publisher, publishing place, and page numbers for each reference. It is important to check your university’s guidelines to decide on the referencing method to use and then use it in a proper manner. If your university has not suggested a specific format, then consult your supervisors or use a system that is generally seen for work in your academic area.

Referencing helps your supervisors and readers in knowing as to how you have used the original sources and how much knowledge you possess of your field. With referencing come a lot of rules and guidelines to follow. If these rules are not followed precisely, then it may lead to plagiarism in your work. It is also important to understand the specific rules of the style you have to follow, as these rules may vary from one style to another. There are not only differences in formatting your mentioned sources, but also in citing those sources within the text. Thus, we recommend taking professional help from our mentors if you have been facing any issues with referencing. It is always better than taking a chance with your career.

Correct referencing is extremely important due to the following reasons:

  • It shows your readers the nature of source materials and allows them to consult those sources on their own, in case they need more information pertaining to them.
  • It shows that you have given fair credit to the authors whose ideas you have incorporated in your research work.
  • It acknowledges the fact that a section of your work is based on the work of others.
  • A good presentation of references will help you score high marks.

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If you fail to properly acknowledge your sources, then your plagiarised work may not only put you at the risk of losing marks significantly, but also of getting your entire work rejected. To avoid this situation, it is best to take help of our mentors who have been helping students from different universities successfully. By working with research candidates from different fields over a long period of time, they have developed an extensive knowledge in using various citation styles, and thus, they can also assist you to complete your dissertation successfully.

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