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How to Collect Secondary Data

Secondary data is another type of quantitative data that has already been collected by someone else for another study some time back. It is the most widely used method of data collection, as a researcher can get more polished data. While it is secondary data for you, it is actually primary data for the person who collected it originally. Thus, it can be more reliable and may not even need validity testing if it has been collected recently.

Using secondary data has its own benefits like it involves low cost; it is easy to access; and it allows its application to large-scale studies easily. The most helpful aspect is that you do not have to go through the hassles of collecting your own data for your study. There are different ways of incorporating secondary data in your research. You can either put it directly in your work or you can analyse it for different reasons. If you do not know how to collect secondary data for your study, then these can be your sources:

  • Official publications of companies and government bodies
  • Magazines and periodicals
  • Universities and foundations
  • Journals
  • Books and newspapers
  • Record sheets of firms and business enterprises
  • Internet media files

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A lot of considerations go in while collecting secondary data, such as checking it for its relevance, reliability, source, update status, etc. Before you think how to collect secondary data, you need to think whether it will serve the entire purpose of your study or not. You also need to evaluate and verify the data thoroughly lest you end up choosing wrong information to carry out your research study. All this involves using analytical and advanced skills that come only with time. Thus, if you feel stuck at any moment, do not shy away from taking assistance from our mentors who have successfully guided many research candidates on this path. They can be contacted by simply sending a message at


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